Safety, Style and Affordabilty

Motorcycle Crash Helmets

You need one for safety, you want one for style. Choose from the best motorcycle crash helmets to enhance your riding experience.

We all know that a top quality helmet can be the difference between life and death in the event of a crash or a spill.  And with the laws being what they are, motorcycle crash helmets are likely a must-have accessory if you ride.

The 5 varieties of motor cycle helmets, Full Face, Motocross, Modular, Open Face and Half all offer a degree of protection.  The general wisdom is that the less area the helmet covers, the less the rider is protected.  Since open face and half helmets leave the chin area of the rider unprotected, full face helmets are considered the number one choice for safety all around.

Since full face are the largest and most enclosed helmets, generally speaking, noise and wind are blocked out to a large degree.  Many riders appreciate this effect, but some complain that it can be hard to hear and too warm and stifling inside.

A compromise that some riders make is to use a modular helmet.  The chin protection on the modular helmet is either flip-up or completely removable.  This gives the rider both options.  A full face helmet also requires removal if the wearer wants to eat something or take a sip of water.  A flip up helmet alleviates this inconvenience while still providing chin protection when needed.

Open face and half helmets offer little protection to the face and no protection for the chin.  This can be very risky as over a third of motorcycle crashes involve impact to the riders chin area.  Safety considerations aside, some riders choose to use an open face helmet.  Similar to a full face helmet but without the bar which covers the lower section of the front of the rider’s face, a good quality half helmet usually does provide adequate protection for the back and sides of the rider’s head.

More of a novelty motorcycle helmet than serious protection, half helmets are popular because of their retro look.  A good quality carbon fiber motorcycle helmet, even if it is half sized, does offer protection from brain injury.  But if the choice was between a low quality full face or 3/4 helmet and a high quality, stronger 1/2 helmet, the 1/2 helmet might make more sense.  This is not to say that riders cannot purchase discount motorcycle helmets that provide adequate protection.  Cheap motorcycle helmets can provide as much protection as custom motorcycle helmets if they are well made.

Motocross helmets are for off-road riding.  The most common style is very similar to a full face helmet but with a more streamlined chin guard (providing less wind resistance as this is more of racing helmet) and a cut-out over the eye area designed for goggles as opposed to a face shield.  There is also usually visor to block out sun that is either fixed or removable.

When it comes to shopping for helmets, whichever style, you might consider the following high-quality brands:

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