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Don’t Overlook Cheap Motorcycle Helmets

Any helmet is better than no helmet at all which is why certain cheap motorcycle helmets are a viable option.

Cheap Motorcycle Helmets Save Lives Too… When They’re On

For those who ride motorcycles or scooters and must make cost an overriding factor in their choice of head protection, cheap motorcycle helmets, as long as they are DOT approved or Snell certified, can easily make the difference between life and death or protecting normal brain function rather than sustaining severe brain damage.  But for cheap motorcycle helmets to have any effect (and this will sound stupidly obvious), riders must wear them.

You know how some car drivers don’t bother with seatbelts when they’re just driving a few blocks?  Well, they obviously shouldn’t do that.  But I can understand how some people might think, “I’ll only be in the car for a minute”.  The problem is that, statistically, you never know when an accident will happen.  That one time is all it takes.

The same type of thing is happening with bike riders who are only “going for a short ride” to the market, to the cleaners, to the gas station, to the [you fill in the blank].  Why bother with the helmet?  “I’m only going for a minute.”  And so a disproportionate percentage of head injuries caused by motorcycle accidents happen on these short trips.  Whether expensive, moderately priced or cheap motorcycle helmets are available to riders, it’s important that they be worn on every ride.

The Main Rules When Choosing From Among Cheap Motorcycle Helmets

Cost is never really the all purpose, ideal criterion for choosing which product to buy.  This is especially true when it comes to products that have an effect on our health, well-being and safety.  That said, there are excellent brands and models available at wholesale prices.  When a crash helmet is given the nod by either the US Department of Transportation or the Snell Memorial Foundation, you can at least be sure that helmet will meet a minimum set of safety standards.  Snell, in particular, an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to improving helmet safety, is continually testing helmets and refining standards.  Formed in 1957 in honor of Pete Snell, a racer who died in a car crash due to helmet failure, the Snell Foundation is known for setting the most rigorous standards when it comes to crash helmets.

cheap motorcycle helmets

Pete Snell

When considering cheap motorcycle helmets for purchase, the following 4 points are useful to ensure you get the best protective helmet for the best price:

  • Full face helmets are best by far
  • The helmet must meet DOT standards and/or be Snell certified
  • The helmet must fit properly (see how to measure for helmet size and helmet size chart)
  • Consider a light or bright color to improve visibility to other motorists

The last point is often overlooked.  Riders tend to give more weight to the look of the helmet rather than how much protection it affords.  When it comes to street motorcycles, accident statistics suggest that other motorists not noticing street bike riders in time to avoid a collision is often a major contributing factor in accidents.  This is especially true at night.  Rather than wearing a black or charcoal gray helmet (save those for off-road racing or dirt bike riding), a white or even bright red, orange or green helmet may offer better protection in terms of making sure drivers of other vehicles see you before it’s too late.  Also, half helmets and 3/4 helmets really don’t offer enough protection.  Especially if you’re already shopping for discount motorcycle helmets, don’t compromise further by getting a helmet that does not cover your entire head and face.  If you really have issues with full face helmets, at least get a modular style product.

Where to Find Snell and DOT Cheap Motorcycle Helmets

Check out these cheap motorcycle helmets and others.  Visiting local stores is great for determining the perfect fit, but the best prices and reviews on cheap motorcycle helmets are available online.

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