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Harley Davidson Helmets

Harley Davidson Helmets - From the biggest name with the most recognizable logo in the motorcycle industry.

From their humble beginnings working in a 10 by 15 foot wooden shed in 1903 to building their modest business into the largest motorcycle manufacturing company in the world by 1920, William Harley, Arthur Davidson and the other Davidson brothers, William and Walter, created a brand icon that has endured for over a century.  This same cache applies to Harley Davidson helmets and other motorcycle accessories.

Although they are no longer the biggest manufacturer of bikes, Harley-Davidson is arguably the most well-known brand in the business.  This worldwide recognition makes Harley Davidson motorcycles as well as Harley Davidson helmets, apparel, and other branded merchandise very popular.

Like other top brands, Harley Davidson helmets include the four main variety – half, three-quarter, full-face and modular.

Although for the best protection, full-face is the recommended configuration, one of the most well-known Harley Davidson helmets is its stylish shorty, Carbon Kevlar Half Helmet.

It’s DOT-approved and weighs only 1 3/4 pounds (0.794 kilograms).  But like many items in the Harley-Davidson product line, it’s cool, retro look and the fact that it has the famous Harley-Davidson logo are probably as responsible for its popularity as anything else.  But even a half helmet is better protection than no helmet.

When purchasing Harley Davidson helmets, one must use care.  Although the Harley-Davidson helmet line is manufactured by top manufacturers including HJC, AGV and KBC, not every helmet is necessarily guaranteed to provide adequate protection for motorcycle riders.

The Harley-Davidson website includes this disclaimer:  “Unless specifically and explicitly stated to the contrary for a particular item or items: (1) the items on this site are not intended to offer protection against injury and are not considered personal protective equipment within the scope of any laws or regulations governing the manufacture, sale or use of personal protective equipment, and (2) no liability will be accepted by the manufacturer or supplier of the items on this site arising out of the items’ non-compliance with such laws or regulations.”

This is understandable when you’re dealing with a brand as well-known and popular as Harley.  Undoubtedly there are many, many people who don’t ride but still want to own Harley-Davidson brand merchandise.  It only makes sense to produce merchandise to fulfill the demand of this market as well.

Harley-Davidson helmets come in choices made of carbon kevlar, fiberglass, thermoplastic and a hybrid material (touted for it’s combination of strength and light weight) that combines Aramid reinforced fiberglass with resin built into the fibers.  Before purchasing any helmet for the purpose of providing protection while riding a motorcycle, make sure the helmet in question meets government safety and legal standards.

If you’re looking to buy Harley-Davidson helmets or other Harley-Davidson merchandise, check it out here.

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