Safety, Style and Affordabilty

Shoei Motorcycle Helmet

For comfort, style and active safety, a Shoei Motorcycle Helmet is among the best available.

Since 1959, Shoei has been producing quality motorcycle crash helmets.  Their commitment to a concept they call “active safety” ensures that that each Shoei motorcycle helmet not only meets or exceeds governmental safety standards, but also is designed with style and manufactured with the rider’s utmost comfort in mind.

Shoei’s ample selection of helmets of every style, design and variety includes full face helmets for street riders.  The RF-1000 is one such helmet.

It’s state-of-the-art design and engineered aerodynamics make the RF-1000 a supreme choice.  Shoei’s use of its proprietary (AIM) Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Multi-fiber Technology make the outer shell light yet better able to absorb and disperse the force of an impact.  With the employment of wind tunnel testing, the RF-1000 is proven to be superior in the areas of high speed performance and ventilation.  And in the area of ccomfort, the RF-1000 has the added benefit of removable and adjustable cheek pads and 3D comfort liner system which will not shift during high speed riding.

For street riders that want the flexibility of a modular helmet, Shoei’s Multitec helmet combines the convenience of an open face helmet without sacrificing the protection of a full-face model.

Designed to minimize wind noise and drag, the Multitec’s other features include aerodynamic bag molded AIM shell, flip up chin bar and face shield with single button release, adjustable flow-through ventilation, anti-fog system and much more.  It’s also communication system compatible.

As far as Racing helmets go, the Shoei X-Twelve Motorcycle Helmet is a gem.

The X-12 combines the very latest technology and most advanced materials and the result is what is considered one of the best racing helmets ever conceived.  It’s aerodynamic shell design is first rate.  The dual layer EPS liner enhances impact absorption and ventilation. The Air Scoop 3 intake vent is positioned to maximize air volume into the helmet interior. The list of features goes on.  But one specific feature worth mentioning is the EQRS (Emergency Quick Release System).  The EQRS allows emergency medical personnel to easily remove the cheek pads and helmet from an injured rider’s head.

For street riders that insist on an open-face helmet, consider the Shoei J-Wing.

The J-Wing combines Shoei’s trademark craftsmanship and safety features with the convenience that only an open-face helmet can provide.  Features include a shell integrated spoiler, adjustable top & rear vents, neck outlet vent, and rear outlet, dual EPS liner w/3D comfort liner system and quick release base plate system.

It’s impossible to do each of these Shoei motorcycle helmets (let alone the entire line) justice in one short article. Suffice to say that Shoei’s commitment to safety, comfort and style make their helmets premium in every way.

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